Training Matrix

Rapid Induct allows for the creation of any amount of courses which can then be tied together using our highly functional training matrix.

By creating ‘personnel types’ within the system you can create a training needs analysis that enables your multiple site or division administrators to easily and consistently deliver the right training to the right people.

You can set the priority of completion, the access dates, the re-training period and the system will track all these and automatically remind you or the trainee of the re-training required.

If you create a new course or append an existing one to a new personnel type the system can automatically deliver this training to all your existing trainees in one simple action.

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Create your own induction courses

Induction Courses with Rapid Induct

When someone starts a new job, they will likely require some form of induction program to help them understand more about their role and familiarise themselves with company policies and procedures. Our innovative Rapid Induct software allows you to create bespoke training and induction courses, so you can provide inductees with all the relevant information they need. We also offer training matrix software, letting you map exactly who needs to undertake which course and when.

Why use training matrix software?

Our intuitive training matrix software essentially works as an induction training plan, allowing you to accurately assess who needs to undertake which courses and when. In a large company it can be extremely difficult to keep track of the myriad induction courses that need to be rolled out amongst new employees, and so by introducing an induction training plan, you can alleviate some of the hassle and ensure everyone completes the relevant course by a particular deadline.

The matrix has an incredibly user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily set priority of completion, access dates and re-training periods. The system will keep track of all your preferences and automatically remind you or the trainee when the induction program needs completing. You can also easily add new courses at any time and the training matrix software will automatically take all new details on board.

Improve efficiency with a health and safety training matrix

Health and safety induction courses are something that virtually all new employees must undertake, and in a large company having to organise that can potentially be a troublesome task. However, by implementing a health and safety training matrix, you can ensure that all new employees receive the correct training and the correct time through the relevant induction program. Many companies also like their employees to keep regularly updated on health and safety and so may ask them to re-take the training at some point. Similarly, if legislation is revised, a company may need to update its H&S procedures and regulations, and consequently, employees will need to re-do the training. Again, a health and safety training matrix or induction training plan will ensure that particular courses are completed by the relevant employees.

Our reputation precedes us

If implementing a health and safety training matrix through Rapid Induct sounds like something of interest, then you will be pleased to know that we have provided induction program and training facilities for a huge variety of renowned clients, such as Ford, Nestle and McDonalds. We work closely with all our clients to fulfil a variety of requirements, from creating entire H&S courses to implementing a detailed induction training plan. Rapid Induct has gained an enviable reputation across a variety of industries thanks to its huge range of uses, so why not discover for yourself how Rapid Induct can help you?

"When we implemented the system, we had a target date of 2 weeks to ensure that every employee and every semipermanent contractor was re-inducted using Rapid Induct, so that everyone received the same message.
We felt that re-inducting employees and contractors was extremely important. Now our health and safety induction is so much easier, has one consistent approach and is easy to audit using the reporting functionality"

Nicole Childs, Training and Systems Coordinator, Incitec Pivot

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