Health and Safety Training

Creating, delivering and tracking health and safety training courses is at the core of Rapid Induct. Our focused online training software dovetails with our various other compliance modules to provide you with the very best options in creating a proven bespoke solution.

There are no restrictions to the types of training courses which can be created in Rapid Induct, IE: induction, fire safety, manual handling, safety awareness, forklift safety…etc.

We work with every client to implement the solution that works best for them and, if required, we can create bespoke courses for you within the system or you can create your own. It’s so easy and the speed at which you can have a course prepared ready for delivery is simply stunning.

Explore how Rapid Induct can help you deliver your health and safety training by viewing the product tour.

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Health and Safety Training with Rapid Induct

At Rapid Global, we are committed to providing the very best health and safety training to our clients through our innovative Rapid Induct system, which is why we create, deliver and track our health and safety training online services. Our occupational health and safety software is designed to be incredibly easy to use and to implement into your organisation.

The Best Health and Safety Training Online

Our mission is to provide our clients with health and safety software which can help them to effectively manage course content. When you come to us for online health and safety training, you can ultimately collect training certificates or licenses, as well as record and track external training, survey trainees, issue forms, and deliver document and policy resources.

Close Client Relationships

We believe in working closely with our clients to ensure that we offer a health and safety e learning solution that suits them. These close relationships ensure that we can continually provide our clients with unrivalled health and safety software, so our competitors will find it hard to match our health and safety e learning services.

Occupational Health and Safety Software

We believe in offering our clients bespoke health and safety training so we can ensure that we cover all of their needs. Our health and safety software complements our other health and safety training course solutions which may suit your industry. We can provide you with health and safety e learning software for health and safety induction training, fire safety, safety awareness, manual handling, forklift safety and more.

Create a Safe Environment with Health and Safety Software

Our compliance solutions are used by some of the biggest brands in the UK, so you can trust that you’re in good company when you come to us for health and safety e learning services. Our health and safety induction training is a great way to teach your new employees about the dangers that they need to be aware of in the workplace, and this could help them to become more aware of potential hazards. Therefore, occupational health and safety software could create a safer working environment for your employees, clients, customers or visitors.

Come to Rapid Induct for Health and Safety Induction Training

So if you are looking for the best occupational health and safety software in the industry, look no further than us here at Rapid Global. We’re incredibly passionate about supplying our clients with the best health and safety induction training for their company. We have provided a plethora of industries with health and safety training online, so you can trust that you’ll find it hard to find better bespoke training software elsewhere.

"Rapid Induct is one of the easiest health and safety initiatives we’ve introduced
We’ve found employees and contractors are now more aware of the hazards they face and this in turn has increased the commitment to a safer workplace"

Steve Harrison - HS&E Manager

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