Employee Induction & Training

Employee Inductions and Training Courses inside Rapid Induct are all about ensuring compliance.

Rapid Induct allows for the creation of an unlimited amount of courses which can then be tied together using our highly functional training matrix. This allows your multiple site or division administrators to easily and consistently deliver the right training to the right people.

Training courses can be created within the system using an array of multimedia such as Video, Audio, Imagery, Text and Flash. You won’t believe how easy it is!

Rapid Induct also features a unique assessment function to test your employees’ knowledge at the end of every section, making the training interactive and relevant.

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Rapid Induct: The Online Induction Training Solution

Online Induction Training

Organising employee inductions and staff training can be difficult at best. Staff inductions play an integral role in the future development and performance of your company. If you don’t offer new starters the adequate induction training they require to perform their new role effectively, this can severely drain your resources and leave room for errors to occur. When you consider the costs incurred when hiring someone new, you cannot afford for this to simply go to waste due to improper or lack of initial staff training.

If your business is fast-growing, looking to re-organise the current employee induction process or create a brand new online induction training programme from scratch, Rapid Induct can help. Rapid Induct is Rapid Global’s induction e-learning software solution, and has already helped organisations in property, manufacturing, mining, retail, service, education, financial, retail and many other sectors to simplify, renovate and effectively organise their many staff induction systems.

Keep it Convenient with Staff Induction Software

Our induction software allows you to create training courses and tie them together using our training matrix system. This high-tech system enables multiple administrators to only deliver employee inductions to the appropriate staff by creating analyses of your training requirements. For added security, our induction e-learning software allows you to create password-protected access accounts to ensure only authorised personnel are accessing certain data.

Our online induction training software can support a vast range of different multimedia, including video, audio, imagery, text and Flash, so the system can efficiently adapt to your preferred methods of organising and presenting employee inductions. Whether you rely solely on text or combine audio with Flash videos during your staff inductions, Rapid Induct’s comprehensive induction e-learning software solution can accommodate.

Easy-to-use Induction Software

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to streamline and organise your employee inductions across the board, Rapid Induct’s online induction training offers you the ideal solution. Our induction software incorporates features with the induction process in mind – including an assessment function for testing what employees have learned from specific sections – to make the training experience more interactive and, as a result, effective.

For more information on how our eclectic, innovative induction e-learning solution could assist you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

"Rapid Induct has allowed us to free up resources. Having a workforce out in the field was chewing up a lot of our time. What is great is that the inductions can be delivered before staff get to the site.
When there is a site requirement change and information needs to be updated we can then reissue the induction to staff in order to complete the training immediately."

Denny Kotru - HSE Manager Beach Energy

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