Contractor Compliance

Our approach to Contractor Management is that your business will differ from others in the way you need to assess your contractor compliance, the documents you wish to record and track, the standards the Contractors will need to conform to and ultimately the health and safety training you wish to provide them.

Rapid Contractor Management provides a bespoke solution to create a central repository to manage your contractor data. We engage with you and co-ordinate any combination of our dynamic proven online components necessary to allow your contractors to:

  • Register
  • Complete a Prequalification Assessment
  • Provide Compliance Documents
  • Receive Compliance Policies
  • Process through to Approval Status
  • Track their own Compliance Documents
  • Issue or Receive any Training.

Our solutions put you in control with real-time dashboards, bespoke alerts, bespoke reporting, compliance tracking tools and much more.

Contact us and discuss how we can help you dramatically reduce risk and gain control of you contractor workforce.

Contractor Compliance

When contractors are brought on-board to assist with your operations, a clear arrangement needs to be made between the business and the contractors. In order to do this successfully, contractor compliance is needed. With Rapid Contractor Management, we understand that your needs regarding contractor health and safety are unique. Therefore, we treat every client differently to provide services tailored to your specific requirements. Effective compliance management is an integral aspect of working with contractors.

Rapid Contractor Health and Safety Software

With our compliance contractor health and safety e-learning software, any relevant documents can be recorded and tracked for contractors to study. This is vital in ensuring all necessary regulations are adhered to, and successful contractor work can continue unhindered. Rapid Contractor Management offers a bespoke service to prevent and solve any contractor compliance issues which may arise. With this e-learning software, all required health and safety parameters can be outlined for contractors to read and follow, and the training which results can make a significant impact on the outcome of any contractor work.

Rapid Contractor Management Software

Our contractor management software grants companies the ability to collate, verify and track compliance documents for contractors in a unique way. This has already changed the way many businesses operate with contractors. By allowing instant access (with granted passwords), the contractor management software provides all the necessary data contractors need to ensure they stay true to the required rules and regulations.

Rapid Contractor Management also features bespoke prequalification systems which evaluate a proposed contracting company’s ability to provide the work you need. They can upload their relevant documentation, such as insurance details, for your verification, as well as answer questions you provide such as their past work performance, plans for safety management, their approach to work and standards for sub-contractors. As the contract management software is tailored to each company’s needs, you can choose which assessment questions and processes are included to ensure contractors meet your specific needs.

Our contractor health and safety management and compliance e-learning software is designed for optimum practicality, allowing you to request documents and receive notifications when they are sent to you. You can also accept or reject them as you see fit. This is an important part of working with contractors, as keeping track of all data and files etc. means your information exchange can be quick and simple.

"I can confidently recommend Rapid Contractor Management as a solid, reliable and user friendly program that is supported with excellent customer service.
More over, I can confidently say that our company has benefited from the commissioning of this software and as such it’s value is highly placed within our company."

Ken Hawkins – HSE Manager, Mirvac

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