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  • How Business Organisations can Benefit from Electronic Record Keeping

    posted on: November 22, 2012

    All business organisations in the UK are required to keep comprehensive these days records to ensure they are legally compliant with various aspects of occupational legislation and health and safety regulations. Indeed, British-based companies are required to keep records of a great many things, including: finances, payroll, sickness, and accidents, as well as many more besides.

    Invaluable information

    However, there are records which companies are not legally obliged to keep but which can be very useful to have nevertheless. Certainly, keeping comprehensive records of aspects like appraisals and disciplinary hearings can be very useful for any company as it enables managers to make important decisions, such as those regarding performance and productivity, quickly and accurately. This kind of information can also be invaluable when more distasteful decisions, such as sackings and redundancies, need to be made.

    Record Storage Options

    Although it is of course possible to keep paper records of all these aspects, many business organisations find that this option simply isn’t efficient enough. Indeed, the act of maintaining and searching through paper records can be very time consuming indeed. To this end, many companies now see electronic record keeping and reporting systems as being the option of choice in this field. The reason for this is that electronic variants are far more efficient than paper records as they can be immediately accessed and swiftly searched through. Moreover, these cost-effective systems can also help companies to make more of their physical storage space.

    Rapid Induct

    We here at Rapid Induct have long believed that electronic records can provide business organisations with a swathe of unique benefits and that is why we have developed our own award-winning employee reporting software. This innovative software can keep accurate records of individual employees and keep track of their concerns from the moment they first complete their induction training.

    In fact, inductions and online health and safety training can be easily integrated into our electronic record keeping systems. Moreover, our software also enables companies to run reports which show them how and when an individual employee’s training was completed and when/if it will need renewing. In addition, our electronic reporting software also comes complete with handy search functions that enable company administrators to filter reporting results by course, employee, personnel type, location and department. Furthermore, this type of software also allows users to set up automated alerts that can let employees themselves know when they are due to complete certain training courses. Naturally, this can be invaluable in particularly large organisations as it ensures training administrators or HR personnel won’t have to fret about organising courses and communicating information to all those concerned.

    Truly, when it comes to keeping, maintaining and using staff records to the very best effect, the benefits of electronic records are very clear to see.

    To find out more about the wide range of functions available with our electronic record keeping solutions, browse our pages further, call 020 7692 5098 or drop us an email.

  • Keeping Compliant and Up-to-Date with Accurate Reporting Software

    posted on: July 08, 2012

    Companies are required to keep all kinds of records. This isn’t just for their own information – although they can certainly come in handy along the way – but also to ensure legal compliance with various aspects of legislation and regulations. As well as records relating directly to finances and the business, you are also required to keep a number of staff records, relating to health and safety courses, inductions, payroll, sickness and accidents, to mention but a few.

    Not all staff-related issues require records to be kept from a legal point of view, however it is a good idea to do so on all areas of staffing, including appraisals, disciplinaries, and of course personal details for each member of staff. Having a wealth of information about your staff at your fingertips will help you to make important decisions, such as regarding performance and productivity. The information will also prove invaluable for more negative aspects of business too, such as if you have to attend employment tribunals or make decisions regarding termination or redundancy.

    Although you can of course keep paper records for all of these aspects, many companies find that this isn’t time effective both in terms of keeping the records and then subsequently using them to find information. Small as well as large companies are moving instead towards electronic record keeping and reporting systems because of the ease in which they can be used, as well as the efficiency they offer in terms of cost, time, space saving and security of data.

    Our own employee reporting software can keep accurate records of a number of different employee-related concerns, starting with recording the completion of a staff induction. Online health and safety training and inductions make it even easier to integrate these into an electronic record keeping system, and you will be also be able to run reports to quickly see how and when training was completed and when it will need renewing. The easy search functions allow you to filter reporting results by course, employee, personnel type, location and department and you’ll also be able to set up automated alerts to let employees know directly when they need to complete certain training courses. This can prove invaluable in a large organisation or one with multiple sites, as you won’t have to organise and check up on training yourself, it’s all organised for you.

    When staff aren’t required to complete training on their first day of employment, this automated system can prove particularly useful, as can the ability for employees to carry out their training online. An employee can receive the alert telling them there is training for them to complete and then click straight through to carry out – if they’ve time, of course. Online training itself is fantastic because it allows employees to complete it around their own workload, rather than according to someone else’s schedule.

    To find out more about the wide range of functions available with our employee reporting software, feel free to contact us and we can even show you an interactive display of exactly how it works.

  • The hassle free approach to Incident Reporting

    posted on: May 12th, 2012

    Incident reporting is an important aspect of modern business. Firms are now legally obliged to report and keep records of certain accidents and health complaints that affect their personnel or contractors. This has been an important tool in the process of making work safer. However, it also places bosses under extra pressure.

    Indeed, your organisation may struggle to conform to these rules. Ensuring that all the right information is recorded and tracked is no mean feat and if you're not careful, you could end up spending too much money on this goal. Meanwhile, keeping track of changes in the law can be tricky.

    Alterations to RIDDOR regulations

    Last month, the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 1995 regulations underwent a transition. Since April 6th, employers no longer have to report injuries that keep workers off their normal duties for seven or fewer days. Also, organisations have also been given a longer period in which to report. They now have 15 days from the time of the incident, rather than the previous figure of ten.

    However, employers and others with responsibilities under RIDDOR still have to keep a record of all injuries that result in over three days of absence from normal duties.

    One of many changes

    According to chair of the HSE Judith Hackitt, this is only one of a series of measures that are being implemented.

    She stated: "This is just one of many changes we are making to the health and safety system to make it simpler, clearer and more easily understood - stripping unnecessary paperwork out of the system without compromising essential protections for workers."

    We're on hand to help

    If you find it tough to keep on top of this issue, you're by no means alone. Many firms struggle to make sure that the relevant accidents are noted down and that this information is dealt with appropriately thereafter.

    This is where we come in. Here at Rapid Induct we offer superb incident reporting software that can make the process far more straightforward and less resource intensive.

    Our solutions are effective in all kinds of workplace and they make it easy for anyone to report an incident. Also, they simplify the process of ensuring that the information noted down is distributed to the people who need to know. This means investigators can be assigned to look into the cases, determine their causes and then assign corrective actions to close out the cycle.

    Multiple sites

    Meanwhile, the systems we offer are also handy if you operate over multiple sites. Our reporting software has been created to manage high volumes of data for multi-divisional firms operating over a number of bases.

    This might be welcome news. After all, managing personnel in numerous locations is difficult, so anyway of simplifying your procedures is surely something worth considering.

    To find out more about these provisions, as well as our bespoke training, contractor management software and so on, just take a look around our website or get in touch.