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  • The Benefits of Online Inductions for New Staff

    posted on: October 26, 2012

    As a quality employer, you will already know the importance of providing a good staff induction, as well as the legal requirements involved. The legal requirements for providing a health and safety induction are usually used to structure the content of the induction process, but even without these requirements, there are many reasons which make a good quality employee induction valuable. Online inductions are a way in which you can provide a bespoke effective induction at minimum cost to your company. Here are some of the benefits.

    Welcome New Employees

    It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your chosen career, starting a new job can be a nervous and stressful time. The induction process should allay any worries your new staff have and is your opportunity to properly welcome them to your company. By giving them the information they need upfront, they will feel more confident and prepared when they show up for their first day at their new place of work.

    The induction is also your chance to present some information about your company's background, which help new staff members to feel included and part of the team. They will also feel that they belong to an organisation which cares enough to welcome them and share company values.

    Clear and Concise Information

    For important and practical health and safety matters, such as fire safety procedures and first aid information, it is important to make sure these details are communicated in a clear and concise way. One way you can do this is through a bespoke online induction program, where you can include all of the details which are important and relevant to your specific business and/or premises. You can also do this in such a way that the staff member needs to complete some kind of online assessment before they are able to move on, leaving you secure in the knowledge that every member of staff has fully understood what the procedures are and what is required of them.

    As well as information to meet legal requirements, you can also take this opportunity to include important company information and practices, such as your email and Internet policy, and your company dress code.

    Points of Contact

    For large companies in particular, staff very often do not know who they need to contact for different services. You can incorporate this into your induction program, advising employees of who their HR and payroll contacts are, for example, as well as where they are located and any phone or email information. You can also use the induction process to show the company structure and who is responsible for different sections of the business.

    Initial Training

    Most staff members will need some kind of initial training before they can start their new role, even if it is only in how certain software or equipment works. You can incorporate this training into the induction process so that staff learn the skills they need before they start, and even as they progress in their role.

  • Face-to-Face vs. Online Induction

    posted on: October 21, 2012

    When a new employee joined a company, the induction process would typically be carried out with another staff member face-to-face. However, more and more businesses are switching to an online induction process. Here, we take a look at some of the reasons why.

    Record Keeping

    No doubt your company uses many automated systems, such as a payroll system, accounting system, expenses system, and even timekeeping/attendance systems. There are various reasons for this, with the main being that there is a greater level of accuracy, it is more time efficient (thereby saving on human resources) and you are left with a record as evidence.

    As health and safety induction training is a legal requirement for all employees, having the evidence that this has been carried out is also vital in case of an incident or inspection. While traditional induction processes would involve one employee explaining to the other the procedures and requirements, followed by a signed declaration that this had been the case, more companies are now turning towards a more sophisticated approach. Using an online induction will give you a record that that staff member has received and understood the information, even allowing you to assess their knowledge at the end or as they go along. This avoids any ‘I wasn’t told that’ situations and ensures you are fully protected and legally compliant.

    Fewer Human Resources Required

    By this, we don’t mean that you can make half of your workforce redundant! Nor do we mean that you will no longer require any HR personnel. However, what we do mean is that by using online induction software to provide your staff inductions, you will no longer have to use another staff member, and their time can be better spent elsewhere. With new employees starting all throughout the year, and particularly if you regularly rely on contractors and temporary workers, this can equate to quite a lot of staff time saved and lead to a big boost in productivity, as those staff can focus on other areas and tasks.

    Tailor-made to Individual Needs

    Although all staff need to be made aware of certain health and safety procedures, different staff may also need extra training in specific areas. As you can incorporate company information and staff training into your online induction process, you can create different inductions for individual members of staff to meet their requirements. This again saves on existing employee time, particularly if you have many new employees starting on the same day but who need to be provided with different information.

    Respond to Current Trends

    Younger people are becoming increasingly more used to carrying out everyday tasks online, and indeed many choose this as the preferred means of communication. An online induction is more likely to appeal to them and the way they interpret and process information. When you create your induction program with Rapid Induct, you can rest assured that you will be left with a professional, slick and fully-functioning program which creates a positive impression of your company.

  • Helping to Boost Efficiency Within Manufacturing

    posted on: September 24, 2012

    Manufacturing is a hugely important sector in the UK and over recent months, the government has been extolling the significance of the industry in terms of jobs and the economy in general. However, operating a manufacturing business is not easy, particularly at present.

    Like a lot of producers, you might be finding it tough to balance your books. This means it is vital that you operate as efficiently as possible. To help you achieve this, it may pay off to take advantage of online health and safety training, supplier management software and so on. By selecting the right solutions, you might be able to cut costs while also boosting site safety and personnel management. Ultimately, this could bolster your competitiveness and help you ride out these tough times.

    You’re Not Alone

    You’re certainly not alone in feeling the strain. According to the latest survey by manufacturers’ organisation EEF and business advisors BDO, the past financial quarter saw some of the most difficult trading conditions since the end of the recession.

    It found weakening across most indicators over the last three months, while price falls have caused a squeeze on margins.

    Slower Demand at Home and Overseas

    The survey revealed that there was slower demand both at home and overseas and this had an impact on order books, with responses on UK orders turning negative for the first time in ten quarters. Meanwhile, those behind the research claimed that the drop in exports was not limited to sluggish demand in the crisis-hit Eurozone nations.

    Expert Response

    Commenting on the findings, EEF chief economist Lee Hopley said: "Pockets of growth still remain in some sectors, but overall confidence appears to be draining away. The sharp drop in export balances over the past quarter is a particular concern given their importance to UK manufacturers and also our economy’s reliance on exports as a source of growth."

    However, she added: "Some positive news can be taken from the improvement in the short term outlook and the continuing commitment to invest across manufacturing, as companies look to their competitiveness and market opportunities in the medium term."


    BDO’s Tom Lawton remarked: "With this extremely testing global backdrop it is crucial that manufacturers remain not only lean but also nimble enough to respond to future opportunities as and when they arise. This is something that the sector has not been good at in previous recessions."

    Come To Us

    One way you might want to streamline your operations is by taking advantage of the superb health and safety e-learning and training tracking software we have to offer.

    Rapid Induct is the most dynamic online health and safety training and compliance solution on the market and it may be ideal for your firm. It allows you to track training, collect licenses and certificates, deliver document resources and much more.

    To find out more about this and all the other fabulous solutions we have to offer, just take a look around our website or get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

  • Making the Most of Online Induction Training

    posted on: September 05, 2012

    There’s no escaping the importance of worker and contractor induction training. If you don’t provide the relevant personnel with the information they need, you could run into a series of problems. For example, the risk of accidents will be increased. Not only can this cause human tragedy, it can also result in costly and time consuming legal proceedings. Also, your operations would not run smoothly. Without the right training, workers may be inefficient and they are more likely to make mistakes.

    The trouble is, traditional training sessions that involve face-to-face interaction can be costly. Particularly now, when market conditions are tight, the last thing you might want to do is rack up lots of big bills. Thankfully, there’s an alternative. You can take advantage of cost-effective and easy to use online induction training courses.

    Small Firms are Struggling

    If you’re looking for ways to reduce your firm’s expenditure on training, you’re not alone. According to figures produced by the Forum of Private Business (FPB), more than one in four companies are taking advantage of online training services

    In its latest training and skills member panel survey, 28 per cent of respondents said they now use web-based courses.

    It was also noted that 61 per cent of respondents thought costs were the biggest barrier to providing training for employees.

    An Important Issue

    Commenting on the findings, FPB chief executive Phil Orford said: “For the sake of small businesses and the economy, it is important that small businesses are able to access the right training for their staff at the right price. Unfortunately, while there have been some improvements recently, this is often not the case at present

    "But entrepreneurs are finding ways to provide the skills training their staff need that are more affordable than traditional routes such as expensive courses. This is particularly relevant given the training and guidance required in order to negotiate the minefield of red tape, which is why small businesses value handbooks such as our employment and health and safety guides."

    How We Can Help

    By taking advantage of our Rapid Induct system, you can access bespoke online training courses that should perfectly meet your organisation’s needs. We will assist you in creating and effectively managing your health and safety e-learning courses so that the inductions perfectly complement the needs of your industry.

    Our online health and safety training can also help you to deliver, record and track employee inductions and monitor other forms of online induction. In addition, it can assist you in delivering document and policy resources, collecting licenses and training certificates and issuing forms.

    The Future

    The internet is playing an increasing dominant role in the world of business and this trend shows no sign of reversing. By making the most of what cyberspace has to offer, you can help ensure your enterprise continues to compete effectively with rivals.

    For more information about what we have to offer, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

  • Ensuring Security for Your Organisation through Access Control

    posted on: July 22, 2012

    Security is an important consideration for any organisation, but for some it has to be taken more seriously than others. Those that work with confidential data, such as the financial industry for example, need to take every step possible to ensure that this information remains confidential and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. For large and multi-site organisations, this is even harder to control and needs to be at the forefront of every step the organisation takes.

    Having adequate and thorough recruitment procedures to ensure you have the right kind of staff is essential. If your organisation uses a lot of temporary and contract staff, then contractor management software can help you to keep track of the recruitment process and to ensure that you have received all the necessary documentation from them. This software can also help form part of an online induction, which incorporates company policies and procedures, as well as health and safety. It is important to remember that not all security breaches are intentional and malicious, but can sometimes occur through a lack of knowledge of what is and is not permitted in your specific workplace. Taking confidential information out of the building and losing it or leaving it lying around (as we see so many politicians and government officials do!) can lead to major security incidents, and often because an employee isn’t aware of the rules.

    Once you’ve selected staff and they’re on board, then security regarding premises and access needs to be your next concern. Modern technology advances has made this a much simpler process for large organisations through access control systems. By issuing your staff with site access cards, you’ll be able to easily control who is allowed to enter your premises, and which areas they can gain access to once they’re in. This is especially important when you use contractors, as you may well only wish to grant them limited access.

    Our card access system has other advantages too. It can record when contractor staff are on site, even sending SMS alerts so that the relevant staff are aware, and this information can equally be used to track their hours and attendance. You can even link the system to allow access based on certain criteria, such as only to those who have completed their online induction and who have the right and up-to-date insurance documents. Our access control system provides you with everything you need to put a complete access security system in place. As soon as new staff or contractors arrive on site you’ll be able to create and issue them with an ID pass straightaway using the card printing service (which can also be kept offsite), which will then be used with the type of scanners you choose to implement across your site. Scanners can include barcode, bio-scan and card-swipe devices, each of which have their own advantages and benefits. If you don’t already have an idea of which system you would like to install, our friendly staff will be able to advise you regarding your individual business needs.

  • The Efficiency of Online Training

    posted on: July 02, 2012

    Nowadays, it seems that almost everything is available online. As well as a wealth of information literally at your fingertips, the Internet also offers many services which have become revolutionary for businesses. The ability to communicate with anyone in the world via email as well as sell products and services directly online are just a couple of the ways in which the Internet has changed the way businesses function.

    Online induction training and other types of ongoing employee and contractor training have also made a huge difference to many businesses, big and small. For small businesses, a training course normally means that employees either have to go somewhere together or that someone else comes in to provide the training in-house. This can be costly, both financially and in terms of time, and the end result doesn’t even necessarily mean that the employees have learnt anything! All employees, temporary and permanent, have to undergo training at some point in their career at your organisation, even if it is simply health and safety, fire safety and equality and diversity training.

    Carrying out the health and safety induction online, however, is often a much more efficient way of doing things. Even large organisations who can afford to have a dedicated team member in charge of staff training or can buy in external trainers will find that online training is a more resourceful way forward.

    A Tailored Learning Program

    It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to learn, having a tailored program is the best way of getting an individual to learn. With Rapid Induct, you’ll quickly see that our bespoke training programs are tailored not just to the individual attendee but also to each individual company that they are created for. We know that one company’s health and safety requirements are not necessarily the same as another’s, and so having one health and safety training program to be used across the board would not be suitable. Even within one organisation, you may have different requirements for different job roles or for permanent staff as opposed to contractors, for example, so being able to create a specific program will benefit you here too.

    For individuals, online training means that they can learn at their own pace. Everyone learns in different ways, with some employees needing to take more time than others to consider the information. It may simply be a case of being in the right frame of mind or ensuring that their workload isn’t too much at the time. Often employees with busy schedules get frustrated at having to take time out for what they may consider to be ‘unnecessary’ training, and so don’t put their best efforts into it, and consequently don’t get a lot out of it. An online training program which fits around them is likely to get much better results.

    Training is designed to inform, and online training also usually gets better results because of the way it can ensure assessments are passed before the employee moves on, the results of which all being fully recorded of course.

  • Cutting Costs with Induction Software

    posted on: May 6th, 2012

    Inductions represent a crucial aspect of personnel management. Whether you're taking on new members of staff or are utilising contractors for specific projects, it's crucial they know exactly what they're doing before they start work for your organisation.

    If they don't, they're at greater risk of making potentially costly mistakes and even worse, they are more likely to suffer accidents. The trouble is, traditional face-to-face induction training can be costly and time-consuming. Particularly now given the difficult economic conditions you're working in, induction courses of this kind may place your finances under too much strain.

    Money Troubles

    After all, while there are some indications that business confidence is picking up, there is a long way to go before things return to pre-banking crisis conditions. Indeed, a report compiled earlier this year by international accountancy and business services firm BDO suggested that many firms are still in the thick of it financially.

    Its Industry Watch report, which was produced using research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research, forecast a slight rise in the overall number of business failures over 2012-13.

    The Importance of Adaptation

    During periods of difficulty, it tends to be those firms that are willing to and capable of adapting that stand the best chance of success. Indeed, business restructuring partner at BDO Shay Bannon alluded to this. The expert remarked: "There are real growth opportunities for UK companies, but the current two-speed economic recovery is more distinct than ever. Do not expect the economy to bounce back in the short term - and in the context of this 'new normal', businesses cannot afford to simply wait it out."

    How we can help

    One crucial factor these days that helps to separate firms in terms of success is their use of technology. Harnessing the potential of sophisticated and efficient web-based systems, for example, can be a huge help to companies of various kinds.

    Here at Rapid Induct, we're fully aware of the importance of this issue and our online induction solution might be just what you need. By utilising this smart technology, you can stop relying on costly and time-consuming face-to-face training sessions and you needn't worry about lapses in standards.

    You'll be able to create an unlimited number of courses and you can tie these together using our special training matrix. Meanwhile, the courses can be produced using an array of multimedia, including video, audio, imagery, text and Flash.

    Peace of Mind

    The concept of remote learning like this may unnerve you. However, any uncertainty you have will soon disappear. After all, our bespoke training provisions contain an assessment function that allows you to test workers' knowledge at the end of every session. As well as providing you with greater peace of mind, this also helps to make the programmes interactive and engaging for employees and contractors.

    Of course, we also provide a range of other cost-saving solutions that are equally effective and can help you to manage your business. To see everything we have to offer, just take a look around the rest of our website.

  • A savvy approach to security with site access cards

    posted on: April 24th, 2012

    If you operate a large, multi-site organisation, you're bound to have plenty of logistical issues to bear in mind and one of your major concerns might be security. With plenty of people coming and going from your premises and lots of contractors, new workers and so on moving to and fro, it can all get a little confusing.

    Without real care and attention, lapses can occur and this can lead to a range of problems. Meanwhile, trying to prevent such problems can be costly if you resort to old-fashioned and inefficient techniques to keep intruders at bay.

    However, as long as you're savvy and make optimal use of the technology now available, you can avoid such difficulties. Here at Rapid Induct we know how important this issue is and that's why we've developed superb access control provisions. For example, by using our site access cards you can quickly establish who should and shouldn't be on your premises. These plastic credit card-sized ID cards feature photos can be produced onsite. Alternatively, they can be printed at our card processing centre and posted to any inductees you intend to allow access to.

    By incorporating this into your employee induction process, you can make sure that people are who they say they are without going into detailed questioning and investigation at your premises.

    Of course, this is only one of many solutions we provide. If you're interested in finding out more about our online health and safety training, incident reporting software and so on, just take a look around our website.

  • Boost efficiency with online induction training

    posted on: April 21st, 2012

    These days, efficiency in business is key. If your firm isn't operating as cost-effectively as possible, you may stand little chance of achieving lasting success. Rival companies could take advantage of your shortcomings in this regard to steal a competitive advantage over you.

    One of the areas in which you might be keen to reduce costs is the employee induction process. While for small organisations that deal with relatively few staff members this does not have to be much of an issue, if you cope with a high turnover of workers or are experiencing expansion, you could be wasting a lot of cash.

    This is where we come in. Here at Rapid Induct we're acutely aware of the expense of this process and that's why we've developed the perfect solution. Using our online induction training, you might be able to dramatically cut your expenditure on personnel development like this without compromising safety as a result.

    By taking advantage of technology in this way, you can dramatically speed up the process of taking on new workers and you won't have to spend as much time engaging in resource-intensive face-to-face training.

    Also, using our system, you should find it much easier to keep track of exactly who's had what training, which can make your life more straightforward.

    To find out more about our online induction offerings, just take a look around our website. It could play an important role in your efforts to strive for greater efficiency and, ultimately, it may contribute to your long-term success.

  • Straightforward incident reporting

    posted on: April 12th, 2012

    When accidents occur in the workplace, it's important that they get recorded. This is not only a legal requirement, it's also vital if your firm is to monitor potential safety problems that need to be addressed. By analysing the information recorded through incident reporting, you stand a better chance of making real improvements to your risk management systems.

    However, unless you're careful, one of two things may happen in the wake of accidents. In the case of relatively minor incidents, personnel may not think it's worth their while to note the details down. Meanwhile, in serious cases people might be too distracted or distressed to take the appropriate action.

    The good news is, it's easy to minimise the risk of this happening. By implementing the most effective and easy to use incident reporting system, you can encourage your workers to do the right thing.

    Here at Rapid Induct we understand the importance of this issue and have developed the perfect solution. Our special software makes it simple for employees and contractors to enter incidents themselves, meaning they don't have to get supervisors to do it for them. They should find the process quick and straightforward.

    Also, this software makes it easier for you to retain and collate the relevant information for subsequent analysis.

    If you're keen to find out more about this, or check out our online health and safety training and other such provisions, just take a look around our website or get in touch with our team by phone.

  • Forget contractor induction headaches

    posted on: April 9th, 2012

    Your firm might rely heavily on the assistance of contractors to get your tasks completed. Using third parties like this can be a savvy way to operate. However, you might experience plenty of headaches as a result of your dealings with contractors.

    One of your biggest problems might be induction training. Particularly if you deal with a high turnover of contractors, this can be a nightmare. You might seem to spend far too much of your time going through lengthy and costly development sessions on your site.

    Because outside parties generally bill you from the moment they arrive at your door, this is a double expense. Not only do you have to devote personnel and resources to the training, you also lose out on value time that you're paying for and that could be spent getting tasks completed.

    Of course, you can't simply forget contractor training. This is vital in terms of protecting personnel as they work and it can also help outside parties to function effectively and efficiently. Also, it's a legal requirement for a certain level of instruction to be given.

    With this in mind, you might want to consider using our services here at Rapid Induct. We're specialists and have a great deal of experience when it comes to helping firms achieve their training goals.

    Our online induction training could be the perfect solution for your firm. By using them, you can ensure that the personnel who are scheduled to complete tasks for your company have had the relevant training before they arrive. This cuts out a whole layer of hassle and delay.

  • Straight to work with Rapid Induct

    posted on: February 29th, 2012

    Using contractors to complete tasks is vital in a range of situations and your firm may be among the many that rely on such outsourcing in order to meet your aims. However, there are certain problems associated with utilising third-parties on a regular basis.

    For example, it is necessary to ensure that all the personnel working on behalf of your organisation have had the appropriate induction training and, if you go about this in the traditional way, it can cost you a lot of money and waste too much time.

    Indeed, sometimes contractors require days of training and they may charge you a lot for this. Also, valuable time can be wasted and projects can be delayed because of the training process.

    However, you cannot simply skip this crucial step. If you do, you will risk the wellbeing of the individuals involved and your firm may face serious legal problems.

    But there is a savvy alternative to traditional methods and that is online health and safety training. By harnessing the power of the web in this way, you can make the process of compliance much faster and cheaper, and ensure it is less hassle for you.

    Here at Rapid Induct we appreciate the importance of this issue and that is why we have developed superb online induction training that is perfect for contractors.

    By eliminating the classroom element of your inductions, you can save a lot of time and money and thus boost the efficiency of your company by some margin.

  • The perfect induction solutions for expanding firms

    posted on: February 27th, 2012

    If your firm is currently expanding, you should be commended on your efforts. At present, it is tough for firms operating in many markets to achieve success, so being able to build enterprises up is no mean feat.

    However, although you should feel a justified sense of pride in your endeavours, you will no doubt run into certain difficulties as your company grows. For example, if you rely on contractors and operate over an increasing number of sites, ensuring you comply with all the relevant health and safety laws can become more and more tricky.

    These days, it is vital that all those who work for your organisation have received the proper training and that there is evidence of this. Achieving this can be time consuming and costly, and there is a risk that important information will get lost.

    And if you fail to provide the necessary induction training or evidence that such activity has taken place goes missing, you might find yourself facing lengthy and costly legal battles.

    But if you come here to us at Rapid Induct for assistance, you will be able to streamline this side of your business and help ensure that such problems do not arise.

    Our online health and safety training is the perfect way to deal with a growing workforce or increasing use of contractors. By utilising such provisions, you no longer need to rely on traditional, face-to-face learning sessions, which can be expensive and time consuming.

    Also, it is very easy to keep effective records of your employee and contractor induction activity.

  • Assessing contractor fitness the easy way

    posted on: February 3rd, 2012

    Sourcing contractors may be something your firm does on a regular or indeed a continual basis and you might find elements of the process frustrating, slow and inefficient. And if you are operating on a tight budget, such issues can be particularly worrisome. After all, overspending on any aspect of your business could ultimately render you unable to compete and thus to continue in operation.

    However, there are ways in which you can make the assessing of proposed contracting companies simpler, thus less costly. For example, here at Rapid Induct we are acutely aware of the mountain of paperwork you may have to sift through when you are deciding whether or not to use a particular contractor and that is one of the reasons why we developed our contractor management software.

    You can utilise such provisions when deciding on a contracting firm's fitness to perform work for you from a compliance perspective. This enables enterprises to register and to load compliance or other policy documents, including answers to assessment questions, insurance details, safety management places, method statement processes, sub-contractor standards and so on.

    And because our system is bespoke, you can create any assessment questions or processes you like to ensure you get the relevant details.

    This can make collecting and storing contractor information extremely straightforward and help your firm to operate efficiently.

    Meanwhile, when it comes to managing contractors, you might also benefit from our online induction training provisions. By making the most of such offerings, you can streamline your dealings with contractors considerably, helping to make your organisations more competitive and making your life easier too.

  • Don't waste time when it comes to health and safety induction

    posted on: January 19th, 2012

    Every employer is required by law to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all their staff, and they're also required to make sure that all staff understand health and safety procedures and go through a health and safety induction process as soon as they start work. Some things are best learned by experience and will only really be absorbed over a period of time, but when it comes to safety, you need to make absolutely sure that new employees have all the necessary information from their very first shift. Accidents can and do happen to new staff.

    While the induction process should happen before the person takes up their full duties, there is no need to waste time when it comes to occupational health and safety management. All too often employers find that such training is necessary but significantly slows down the process of getting new staff deployed and working to their full potential. It doesn't have to be that way. With the right assistance an induction program can be as efficient as you'd like your workforce to be.

    These days it is possible to provide health and safety training online or through an appropriately tailored software package, so at the very least you can get all new staff up to speed on workplace rules and regulations without needing to take more experienced staff members away from their tasks to perform inductions, or hiring a trainer. There's no need to waste time - if you'd like to hear more about our swift, effective induction processes, get in touch today.

  • Reasons to make health and safety audits

    posted on: January 16th, 2012

    From time to time, most companies like to check that their health and safety compliance is all in good order. And why not? It's far better to identify potential issues before they turn into concrete incidents, and with a regular internal audit program managers and directors can sleep soundly at night knowing that their responsibilities have been fulfilled. It's sometimes worth performing special audits at other times too, such as after a few months of operation at a new site or after changed regulations have been put in place.

    In the worst case, an audit will identify areas in need of improvement. They might be related to policy or to implementation, but either way, they need to be fixed. Procedures might have to be altered, new equipment bought, or additional online health and safety training provided to help make sure that every worker and manager understands their rights and responsibilities. While an audit that flags up negative points is never good news, it's far still better than a serious accident or a hefty fine for non-compliance. The sooner problems are identified, the more quickly and cheaply they can be solved.

    If physical checks and examinations of relevant documents and health and software indicates that compliance is good across the board, a health and safety audit shouldn't be considered a wasted exercise. Shareholders are always pleased to hear of high standards and it's also good for the workforce. Nobody wants to work in an unsafe environment and a thorough audit shows that the management care about safety.

  • Review Reports the Easy Way with Employee Reporting Software

    posted on: January 13th, 2012

    Being able to review reports is a key part of ensuring health and safety compliance, and it's essential you've got access to quality systems that can keep things quick and simple. It isn't always easy to stay up to date with reports and compliance documents which is why opting for specialist solutions will be ideal, and if you choose our employee reporting software you'll be able to review reports the easy way to keep track of things without the usual hassle.

    Rapid Induct is able to give you instant access to all the information you need, and with everything being held in one central point you can be confident in its complete ease of use. You'll be able to keep track of individual employees and their level of training to ensure compliance, and with our system being fully automated you can be confident that everything is under control – the system will automatically send out email alerts to employees that are due to complete further training and with additional interactivity you'll have a system that can precisely meet your needs, offering filtered results and easy viewing to ensure you stay on top of all necessary training provision.

    Our system will let you review reports the easy way to keep things quick and simple, helping to ensure full compliance without having to worry about losing documents or falling behind with the necessary courses. With our health and safety e-learning and reporting solutions you can be confident that your workplace remains fully compliant at every step of the way, giving you the peace of mind you need in this kind of environment.

  • Adaptable Record Keeping With Rapid Induct

    posted on: January 10th, 2012

    Many employers can take some convincing that online health and safety training is as capable as a face-to-face teacher, but when time and effort has been invested in a platform specifically designed to do just that, then the potential benefits become clear. Accessibility is one of the biggest draws to our software since it means that not only can you create your own bespoke h&s training courses, but you can send it to your contractors before they arrive on site. This means that you are not paying them to learn about your organisation and safety standards and leaves more time for productivity. Our software is also adaptable to the many differing needs of a large organisation, regardless of whether it is general induction, fire safety, forklift safety, handling safety and so on. This means that you can create quick, intuitive and engaging induction courses that can cover everything you need in order to ensure the safety of contractors and employees when on site.

    One of the best reasons to invest in our solution however, is the fact that everything a contractor does is on record. This ensures that there is a strong audit trail if something does go wrong. It is a great way to cover your back and decrease the amount of risk that is inherent when training with a face-to-face tutor. Occupational health and safety management software like this enables you to quickly find all of the necessary data which can then be presented in a number of different ways.

  • Conduct Health and Safety Training Online to Save Time and Money

    posted on: December 24th, 2011

    In the business arena time is money, and you can't afford to waste either one of them if you want to be confident in having a productive and profitable workplace. Unfortunately there are some aspects of business management that can easily have an impact on this level of productivity and health and safety training is definitely one of them, but if you forego face-to-face training options and choose online versions instead you'll be able to save both time and money for the best of both worlds.

    When you conduct health and safety training online you'll be able to ensure full compliance without having to waste any of the working day, and this applies to both full-time employees as well as contractors. Employees will be able to undertake the necessary training without the need to waste time on day-long courses and contractors will be able to complete their inductions before they even get on-site, ensuring they're ready to start work without the usual delay.

    This also means you'll be able to save huge amounts of money – you won't have to pay employees for a day of training and the same goes for contractors, putting more cash in the business account to ensure profits remain where they should be. Investing in online health and safety training can be the perfect solution and can be the quickest and most convenient route to full compliance, so if you want to see the difference for yourself just get in touch for a time and cost-effective answer to your training needs.

  • Will an Online Induction be as Good as an On-Site Version?

    posted on: December 16th, 2011

    Site inductions are a vital part of health and safety provision, with both full-time employees as well as contractors needing to undertake this level of training before they'll even be able to start work. Traditionally these inductions were completed on-site but recently online versions have come into their own as a cost-effective and convenient alternative, but will they really be as good as face-to-face versions?

    In a nutshell – yes, and in fact they can often be much better. Online inductions can be a great way to save time and money because rather than wasting valuable work time your contractors can complete their induction before they even arrive on-site, meaning they can get to work straight away with no additional delays being necessary. And, with many courses being easily tailored to your precise needs your employees will have a thorough understanding of your individual workplace to ensure full understanding and increased retention, and ultimately they can ensure your site remains fully compliant with the minimum of hassle.

    Choosing this method of induction can be the perfect solution to your training requirements, making sure you meet all necessary legislation without having to waste time or money in the process. It can be just as good, if not better, than on-site versions and many companies are moving to this way of operating, and if you want to experience the benefits of online site safety inductions just get in touch to discuss your needs and you'll soon be able to see the difference for yourself.

  • The Benefits of Online Health and Safety Training

    posted on: December 4th, 2011

    Health and safety should be at the top of the agenda in any working environment, and making sure employees complete all necessary training courses will always be a key part of that. But, if you regularly use contractors this can be easier said than done – it can be difficult to keep track of their training requirements and having to give them an induction once they get on-site can be a huge time waster, and that's why it's often best to seek online health and safety training instead.

    Investing in this type of training has numerous benefits, not least the convenience of the whole thing. Your contractors will be able to undertake all necessary training before they get on-site which means that once they arrive they'll be ready to start work straight away, and you'll often find that you'll save a great deal of money in the process. Then you need to think about the bespoke nature of many of these training courses – if you come to us you'll be able to get tailor-made induction software that will suit the precise needs of your business, ensuring that employees are fully up to speed with your workplace before they even arrive.

    Of course, the biggest advantage of this type of training is that you'll be able to ensure full compliance, and ultimately that's what it's all about. You can be confident that you're meeting all necessary legislation whilst having a convenient and cost-effective solution to your induction training needs, so if you want to see the benefits for yourself just get in touch and see the difference that online training can make.