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  • Delivering Bespoke Training to Your Staff

    posted on: August 16, 2012

    In these times of austerity, many companies are having to tighten their belts somewhat in regards to delivering training. No longer is it effective to have staff out in the field delivering health and safety training to a large number of people. Not only is this time consuming and expensive but for large companies who have high numbers of temporary staff and contractors, the necessary training may not be delivered as effectively as it should be. The practical side of the training is just one part of it, recording, monitoring and management of health and safety training is vital as well as necessary from a legal perspective.

    You’re probably thinking, well what other solution is there? Here at Rapid Induct, we are able to supply your company with a bespoke training programme, specifically tailored to the needs of your company or business. With the latest in health and safety e-learning, we offer training in fire safety, manual handling, forklift safety, amongst many others.

    Bearing in mind the current culture for suing businesses, it is more important than ever for companies to be up-to-date with their health and safety training in order to protect themselves and their staff from workplace accidents and injuries. Although, the main purpose of training is to educate staff and teach them to recognise and avoid potential hazards which may lead to injuries.

    Staying on the point of the culture for compensation, a company needs to cover their backs in case a claim is made against them. Rapid Induct can help here too: we provide bespoke health and safety document management so any documents or certificates for completed training, risk assessments or safe working practices can be recorded and stored securely in one central location negating the need for paper records. Especially useful for audit purposes, a business will be able to prove exactly what training has been provided to their staff and when.

    The software which is used to control documents is a powerful tool, allowing users to search for and upload documents quickly and efficiently. Passwords and limited editing abilities can be rolled out with the system to ensure certain documents are kept private and others can only be edited by approved personnel. This limited availability gives the necessary security to documents relating to individuals.

    We are a well-known company boasting some very high profile clients from all over the world, now we want to give you and your company the benefit of our experience and knowledge in the world of online health and safety training. Our experienced, friendly and highly trained staff can assist you from start to finish.

    Our close relationships with our clients help us learn what your business is about and what your specific needs are. Our tailored health and safety training courses are designed specifically for you, incorporating all of the essential elements and leaving out the stuff which isn’t relevant. All of our software is bang up-to-date so you can feel confident that you’re in the best hands!

  • Helping you control health and safety costs

    posted on: May 3rd, 2012

    You'll no doubt want to ensure that your workers are safe while they're performing their roles. Aside from all the legal problems you would face if accidents occurred, you would also have your conscience to deal with. However, health and safety can be a balancing act. If you spend too much money making your working environment safe, you might not be able to balance your books and eventually, you may have to cease trading. Of course, this would be a great shame. With this in mind, your firm might benefit from re-evaluating your current health and safety training methods, contractor compliance systems and so on to see whether you can make them more efficient and cost-effective.

    The impact of government changes may be minimal

    After all, if the comments of one expert prove to be correct, changes in health and safety legislation implemented last month by the government in a bid to reduce red tape for businesses may have a limited impact. The coalition administration suggests that the alterations will save companies a considerable amount of time and hassle in terms of filling in forms. For example, now firms only have to report minor injuries that happen at work if the affected staff member has to take at least seven days off, as opposed to the previous limit of three.

    BCC's response

    Responding to the changes, John Longworth, director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said they would only have a minimal effect. He remarked: "Extending the Reporting of Injurious, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences time to seven days is a welcome step in the right direction, as it will go some way to reducing the administrative burden many businesses face when dealing with health and safety regulation."

    However, the government's own figures show that this will only save firms £240,000 annually, which in the grand scheme of things, is tiny. According to Mr Longworth, if the government "really wants to get tough on deregulation", more action is required.

    Saving your firm cash

    Rather than waiting for regulation changes to save you money, it might be a good idea to investigate the solutions already available to enterprises like yours. Here at Rapid Induct we know how much of a financial burden health and safety laws can be and we appreciated the keen need among the business community to drive costs down. At the same time, we understand that this cannot in any way lead to standards being compromised and lives being risked.

    Our solutions

    That's why we've developed a series of systems that utilise the best of modern technology to boost efficiency. For example, you might be keen to make the most of our online health and safety training. This is less expensive than face-to-face training sessions and it is also highly effective. Another solution is our contractor management software. This allows you to assess contractor compliance, record and track documents, keep tabs on training and much more. Using systems like this can really help to drive down your spending on health and safety without in any way compromising your standards.

  • The Impact of Effective Safety Management

    posted on: April 18th, 2012

    Managing safety is likely to be one of your main priorities. Sure, generating profits and steering your firm to success more generally is the ultimate goal of your endeavours, but this cannot be achieved at the expense of safety lapses. This is why it's so important to protect the wellbeing of your personnel.

    Here at Rapid Induct we're well aware of the significance of this and that's why we provide a range of advanced solutions to make achieving your safety goals more straightforward. For example, you might well benefit from having a look at our contractor management software. This can help you to collect and track compliance documents such as public liability insurance documentation.

    Also, you may well be interested in our induction e-learning provisions. These help you ensure that all personnel who start working for your organisation have had the relevant training. Meanwhile, like all our offerings, it's also extremely efficient, helping to save you time and money.

    It's vital not to underestimate the significance of effective safety management. If you do, your firm could suffer serious ill-effects. For example, if lapses lead to accidents, you might have the emotional burden of serious human suffering to deal with. Depending on the nature of the incidents, this can be immense.

    Furthermore, your firm might face costly and lengthy legal proceedings and you reputation is bound to suffer.

    So, to find out more about our occupational health and safety software and other provisions, just take a look around our website or get in touch.

  • Making sure your Inductions are Effective

    posted on: April 6th, 2012

    Taking on new members of staff or bringing in contractors is not always easy. Finding the right people for the job and getting them started in their roles takes time, effort and money. With this in mind, it's crucial that you get the most from such individuals. Otherwise, your firm will be squandering resources.

    One of the issues you have to bear in mind is induction training. If you fail to provide the right type and standard of training to these personnel, you may face hugely negative consequences further down the line. It may mean that the workers are unable to perform their roles effectively, which will cost you in lost productivity. Meanwhile, perhaps more seriously, it could lead to health and safety lapses. These can be highly damaging.

    Thankfully, there's now a straightforward way to manage inductions. Here at Rapid Induct we're committed to providing the most effective and efficient solutions around and should be able to save your firm cash and hassle. Our online induction provisions are second to none and they can help you achieve the necessary results.

    These resources enable you to provide new staff and contractors with the relevant inductions in the most time and cost-effective way possible and you should find it easy to monitor exactly who has had what training.

    To find out more about our online induction training, just take a look around our website. Taking advantage of services like this could make a huge difference to your organisation, helping to ensure you get the most from your personnel while also upholding safety standards.

  • Neglect Safety Issues at your Peril

    posted on: March 23rd, 2012

    When times are tough, it might be necessary to rein in spending and make your organisation more efficient. Cutting back in this way may help your firm cope with the tough conditions and remain in operation.

    However, there are certain things that you cannot afford to neglect in your bid to reduce costs and health and safety is one of them. Protecting the wellbeing of your personnel is not only a moral obligation, it is also a legal one. If the authorities find you guilty of committing infringements, whether they relate to training, incident reporting or anything else, you may face serious consequences.

    Indeed, you may be in line for lengthy and damaging legal proceedings and your reputation may be permanently tarnished. Therefore, it's vital to ensure that this issue remains at the forefront of your thoughts regardless of how strained your finances are.

    The good news is, as long as you are savvy, you can make your health and safety procedures more efficient and thus less expensive without compromising their quality. Indeed, if you come here to Rapid Induct to make use of our online health and safety training and other such provisions, you may well be able to enhance this aspect of your operations. We are passionate about providing the very highest standard of offering around and know exactly what firms are after.

    To find out more about the occupational health and safety management solutions and other such provisions we have to offer, simply take a look around our website or get in touch.

  • Reporting Incidents the Easy Way

    posted on: February 9th, 2012

    These days, it is an important legal requirement for organisations to report any accidents and incidents that occur within the workplace. This is part of the drive by many governments around the world to enhance employee safety.

    If your firm does not comply with such responsibilities, you may suffer costly and damaging legal action and this can lead to financial problems and can dent your reputation.

    Using traditional methods to note down incidents can be inefficient and difficult to coordinate and keep a record of. Indeed, over the years this may have caused you a great deal of concern.

    But the good news is, it is now possible to access superb technology that makes this endeavour far simpler and ultimately cheaper. Here at Rapid Induct we understand the significance of this issue and that is why we go out of our way to provide superb incident reporting software.

    Our systems make it easy for anyone within your firm to note incidents and subsequently to distribute this information to those who need to know. Investigators can then be assigned to find out more about the incidents, determine their causes and then assign corrective actions. This structured approach to incident reporting can make dealing with this issue straightforward.

    Meanwhile, our software has been developed to be capable of managing high volumes of data over multi-divisional corporate business environments and over a number of sites.

    And our assistance does not stop there. We can also offer fantastic online health and safety training provisions and contractor management solutions.

  • Bespoke Training in the Workplace

    posted on: January 7th, 2012

    There is no one-size-fits-all training program that will cover all workers in all workplaces, and if there was it would be a terribly inefficient and wasteful one. The environment in which a computer programmer spends their time is completely different to the environment in which the workers on an oil rig spend their time. There are health and safety challenges in both places but their nature and seriousness vary dramatically.

    Someone working on an oil rig probably doesn't need to understand how to set up a computer workstation for maximum working comfort and the prevention of long-term neck problems and it's a very rare computer programmer that needs to understand the safe working regulations that relate to highly flammable materials. Their employee training record will read very differently.

    We like to think of a health and safety training matrix where businesses can select the modules that are right for their workforce. That way nobody spends time and effort learning things they won't need in their current role, but everyone gets all the training they need to do their job effectively and maintain appropriate safety standards. Of course, there are always legal requirements to consider as well. For every job there are a very specific set of health and safety education requirements that must be fulfilled.

    Our bespoke training programs are highly flexible, and can be adapted to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries. From mining to property fund management, we've created tailored training solutions that deliver the right information- nothing more and certainly nothing less.

  • Using Great Training as a Selling Point

    posted on: January 4th, 2012

    Everyone knows that the competition for a big contract can be fierce. There are often several possible candidates with a similar capacity to fill the brief within approximately the same budget. Often there might be very little to choose between them, and even if you run a tight ship it can be very hard to make your company stand out from the crowd.

    There are a number of ways a business can distinguish itself and improve its chances of picking up contracts. These days a lot of people look for a strong ethical and environmental policy, for example, so going green can really pay off. Then of course there is training- businesses that go above and beyond the letter of the law when it comes to employee education and health and safety training demonstrate not only a strong commitment to their staff, but also a desire to improve working practices and move the company forward.

    You may have to go beyond standard site safety induction processes but a demonstrable investment in training can make your company shine. It's a good selling point and another feather in your cap.

    Of course, extra training also works in your favour in other ways. It might just be possible to improve the standard of work your people can achieve, or make sure they are operating at full efficiency by introducing software packages to measure performance and improve productivity, for example. We can offer a wide variety of Induction training and software options to help your company shine in more ways than one.

  • Why Choose Bespoke Training Solutions?

    posted on: December 28th, 2011

    In the quest to arrange all the necessary safety training courses, a lot of companies assume that generic solutions will be the quickest and easiest option. In fact, this will often be the worst possible choice – if you want to be confident that you're getting top-quality training from software that performs you should always consider Rapid Induct training solutions, and there are a number of reasons for doing so.

    The first reason for choosing this kind of software is the control that you can enjoy. You're free to organise your training provision according to your exact specifications, ensuring your employees and contractors are getting the necessary level of training to suit your precise needs. Then there's the fact that you'll be able to include real-life and workplace-specific scenarios which means retention and understanding will be enhanced, and you'll also have the added benefit of contractors knowing the specifics of your workplace before they even arrive which can in itself help increase performance and site safety.

    It needn't even be that difficult to arrange training of the necessary calibre, and if you come to us you'll soon find what you're looking for. Our health and safety training matrix includes a whole range of different courses for you to choose from, and with bespoke options always being available you can't fail to find what you're looking for. You'll find it quick and simple to tailor your employee training software for training courses that perform, so if you want to see the benefits of choosing bespoke solutions just get in touch and experience the difference for yourself.

  • The Importance of Having Accurate Employee Training Records

    posted on: December 19th, 2011

    We all know that providing quality health and safety training is a key part of business management, but what's even more important is keeping an accurate record of every course undertaken. Unfortunately far too many businesses overlook this most vital of aspects and fail to incorporate effective reporting systems, but this can be a big mistake – without an audit trail there's no way to be sure that every employee has completed the necessary training, and that in itself could put you in breach of health and safety regulations.

    It's all very well putting your employees on courses, but if you want to ensure compliance you'll have to prove that they've undergone this level of training. That's what makes accurate record-keeping so important and if you don't have a system in place to make sure of that you could easily come unstuck should the worst happen, because with an effective and up-to-date audit trail you'll be able to mitigate the risk to operations should the unforeseeable occur. Plus, having accurate records is also vital in the wider sense of site safety – if you work with contractors but don't keep records of their training you could easily let someone on site who shouldn't be there, and that could put the safety of the entire workforce at risk.

    So, never underestimate the importance of keeping accurate employee training records if you want to have a safe, secure and fully compliant workplace. Having the right employee and contractor management software can make all the difference and will ensure accurate records are kept at every step of the way, and if you're looking for a system that offers this level of accuracy make sure to get in touch and see what we can do.

  • Choose Safety Passport Software and Stay In Control

    posted on: December 1st, 2011

    There's nothing worse than falling behind on health and safety provision. Not only could it mean you're breaching the law but it could also put the health of your workforce in jeopardy, so staying up to date with all necessary training courses should be at the top of the agenda. However, this can often be easier said than done – with so many employees it can be difficult to keep track of individual training levels – and that's why safety passport software can be the ideal investment.

    Health and safety passports allow you to easily stay on top of the training requirements of each employee, and if you choose our system you'll find everything automated for the height of convenience. Rapid Induct will automatically create a passport for each training course undertaken, and with auto version control you can be confident of getting up-to-date and accurate information regarding the precise level they've completed.

    Passports of this kind can be used to ensure full compliance by providing an accurate audit trail and to ensure that no-one will be let on-site without the necessary training – ultimately, they can put you in control to ensure your workplace remains safe and fully compliant. They can be the perfect way to keep up to date with the necessary training and it couldn't be easier to organise, so just get in touch to discuss your bespoke training passport requirements and you can look forward to having a workplace that will run as safely and as smoothly as possible.

  • Software Platforms For Your Contractor Safety Induction Needs

    posted on: November 20th, 2011

    It is a requirement of every company these days to provide an adequate health and safety induction course to all of its employees. For many this will simply be a straight-forward formality, but for companies making use of more manual labour, it will prove to be vital. Ensuring the safety of your workforce is paramount, but it is also a requirement by law and therefore making sure that your employees are well versed could ultimately pay for itself if accidents and subsequent litigation proceedings are avoided altogether.

    This is why getting your employees the best health and safety induction will be paramount to your organisation. Our software is designed to allow you to make the most cost-effective use of your contractor's time cutting down on the amount of time you have to spend training them. Our Rapid Induct software provides a comprehensive platform that will give you all the features you need to ensure that your contractors are always up to speed with your regulations and ongoing developments. The adaptability of this platform will not only enable rapid updates but also an engaging and accessible interface that will facilitate quick and meaningful site induction learning. On top of this, we also offer our Rapid Contractor Management software which ensures that what could be a difficult task in keeping track of compliance documentation and contractor data is a simple job.

    Should you need, we can offer you expert advice on how to implement the best solutions that suit you as well as offering our own unique courses for specific organisations.

  • Bespoke Training with Rapid Induct

    posted on: November 5th, 2011

    Bringing together a team of employees that are all working on concert with each other can seem like a huge undertaking. If you are an organisation with many different departments, then providing bespoke training to all who need it, and those who require cross-disciplinary knowledge might be a bridge to far to handle internally. This is why employee induction training with Rapid Induct is a great choice, particularly for those companies who have a large workforce or those who make regular use of contractors.

    Our scheme has been set up to provide an easy, intuitive environment which can be used in conjunction with induction e-learning to give clients the most flexible options when studying. By using our online software your employees can make use of our study tools anywhere and at any time. Rapid Induct has also been developed with versatility and scalability in mind and can be deployed for any sector from infrastructure to manufacturing to education. This ability to adapt to your needs is what makes this platform a great investment. It enables you to bring together previously disparate areas of your organisation in a simplified, logical way and enables site or division administrators to ensure that the right training is delivered to the right people.

    This software has a feature set that can make training engaging and memorable, since it can make use of video, audio, text, images and flash. Couple this with an assessment developer and you can easily ensure that what you have taught has been absorbed.