• Online Training Software

    Rapid Induct gives control to create online training solutions in which you can dynamically manage:

    • Track online training
    • Collect licenses & certificates
    • Deliver document resources
    • Record training results
    • and much more..

    Quite simply, it is the most dynamic online health and safety training and compliance solution on the market!

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  • Contractor Management

    Rapid Contractor Management provides a custom solution to managing all of your companys contractors.

    • Track insurance
    • Collect compliance documents
    • Conduct online induction training
    • Review suppliers
    • and much more..

    If you have a large contractor workforce and compliance control is an issue, we have the solution.

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  • Incident Reporting

    Online Incident Reporting Software for effectively managing accidents and incidents within any workplace.

    • Report incidents
    • Distribute information
    • Track investigations
    • Action corrective procedures
    • and much more..

    Rapid Incident Reporting software makes it easy for anyone within your organisation to be kept informated.

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  • Rapid Access System

    A package extra to control site access for compliant personnel.

    • Restrict site access
    • Identifiy employees

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    Rapid Visitor Access

    Rapid Visitor Access is designed to control site access for visiting public.

    • Maintain site security
    • Inform safety procedures

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Online Health and Safety Training with Rapid Induct

At Rapid Global, we pride ourselves on developing software that allows our clients to delivering the best online health and safety training possible, thanks to our unique Rapid Induct system. By using Rapid Induct, our clients can create exceptional health and safety induction and training courses online, which in turn helps to create safe working environments.

Every company should view the welfare of their employees, clients, customers or visitors with paramount importance. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure your staff members have had the appropriate online health and safety training to prevent accidents or injuries in the workplace. What better way to do this than online with Rapid Induct!

Promote Safety Awareness with Our Online Inductions

Our health and safety e-learning software ensures that your employees and contractors are continually aware of potential hazards in the workplace. Our online inductions can ensure your workplace develops an active health and safety culture that will allow for safety awareness to become second nature. You have a legal obligation to provide your employees and contractors with the appropriate health and safety training, which is why we strongly recommend that you come to us for bespoke training for health and safety e-learning. Allow our experts to redesign your training courses online today.

Bespoke Training

Through Rapid Induct, we can provide you with bespoke training, online training and induction courses created uniquely for your business. We assist you to create and effectively manage your health and safety e-learning courses to ensure that the online inductions complement the needs of your industry. Our bespoke training can also help you to deliver, record and track employee inductions, monitor other forms of online inductions, deliver document and policy resources, collect licenses or training certificates and issue forms.

Sought After Health and Safety Inductions

With over 840,000 users worldwide, Rapid Induct is the trusted provider of online health and safety inductions to a range of industries, including financial, property, retail, mining, infrastructure, education, manufacturing, service, logistics and oil, gas and energy industries. Our health and safety inductions are extremely user-friendly, providing you with a highly flexible and editable e-learning solution.

Free Trial Demo for Health and Safety E-Learning

If you would like to know more about how we can assist with your health and safety inductions you can request a free demonstration. Simply type in your email address and we will arrange for a free demo of our health and health and safety e-learning software. You can trust that we will not supply your details to third parties. If you like what you see, then you should contact us today for a free quote for your bespoke training software for online health and safety training. We can also provide you with a product tour of our online health and safety training software, so you can gain a deeper insight into the online inductions that we can offer your company.

Customised Contractor Management Software

Contractor management is all about ensuring contractor compliance. At Rapid Global as well as providing outstanding health and safety induction software, we can also offer contractor management software which can help you to assess your contractor compliance and ensure you adhere to contractor standards. When you come to us for contractor management software, we can provide you with a customised solution that will allow you to manage your contractor data. Your customised contractor management software will therefore allow your contractors to register, manage prequalification assessments, supply compliance documents, issue or receive contractor inductions and so much more.

Our contractor management software will be delivered to you in real time and can provide you with customised alerts, bespoke reporting, compliance tracking and more. So you should be sure to contact us today about contractor management software, as it can significantly reduce risk in the workplace and allow you to gain control of your contractor workforce.